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3D Notepad Memo Calendar

3D Notepad Memo Calendar

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Unlock Magical Moments

 Experience the enchantment every day with our Magic Castle 3D Notepad Calendar. Each sheet is a masterpiece, laser-cut with precision to create a stunning paper sculpture. As you peel off notes, a hidden world of art emerges, making your everyday notes extraordinary.

Craftsmanship Beyond Imagination

 Our laser engraving technology boasts a precision of 0.015 mm, ensuring intricate and sophisticated designs. It's not just sticky notes; it's a work of art.

Key Features

Intricate 3D Paper Sculpture: Each sheet is laser-cut to form a detailed 3D paper sculpture hidden within the stack of notes. As you use them, a beautiful work of art emerges.

Precision Laser Engraving: Crafted with extreme precision, boasting a remarkable accuracy of 0.015 mm, ensuring intricate and sophisticated designs on every sheet.

Elegant Packaging: Presented in a modern minimalist gift box made from thick cardboard, featuring dot-color printing and partial UV accents, making it a stylish and exquisite gift.

Exquisite in Every Detail

 From the modern minimalist packaging to the high-quality gift box, we've crafted every aspect to exude style and elegance. The dot-color printing and UV accents add a touch of luxury. It's not just a notepad; it's a statement.


Material: Paper

Style: 3d architecture

Size: 80*80*50mm

Page: 155sheets

Gift the Extraordinary

Looking for a unique gift? These creative sticky notes are perfect for occasions like Valentine's Day, birthdays, weddings, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Surprise your loved ones with a touch of magic. Plus, they make fantastic decorations for your living room, bedroom, or study. Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary!

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