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Moose Flame Humidifier

Moose Flame Humidifier

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🔥 Flame of Tranquility

 Introducing the Moose Flame Humidifier – your pathway to a serene atmosphere. Watch as a simulation flame dances and mingles with fragrant mist, turning your space into a haven of calm. Embrace relaxation like never before!

🌫️ Silent Serenity

 Imagine a world of soothing humidity and tranquility, all without a whisper. With a silent high-fog operation, this humidifier creates an aura of calm that engulfs your senses. Let the Moose Flame Humidifier turn your room into a symphony of tranquility.

💡 Key Features

Simulation Flame: Watch a mesmerizing simulation flame dance alongside fragrant mist.

Whisper-Like Operation: Silent high-fog operation keeps your space tranquil and serene.

Aroma Infusion: Enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy with a 300ml water tank capacity.

Timed Tranquility: Set the timer for up to 8 hours of continuous relaxation.

USB-Powered: Easily powered by USB for convenience and simplicity.

🌌 Fragrance Fusion

 Unleash the power of aromatherapy with every breath. With a 300ml water tank capacity, indulge in hours of fragrant mist that uplifts your spirit and rejuvenates your soul. Choose your favorite scent and let it swirl through the air, creating an aura of pure relaxation.

🌟 Specifications

Water Tank Capacity: 300ml

Noise Level: Below 36dB

Water Shortage Protection: Supported

Power Supply: USB

Material: Plastic

🍃 Create Your Oasis

 Whether in your bedroom or living room, let the Moose Flame Humidifier transform your space into a realm of relaxation. Embrace tranquility like never before and let every breath become a calming breeze.

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